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Fine detail wood cutting

wooden fish

The carved fish in the photo measures 11 inches by 7 inches and was LASER cut from a sheet of 3/32" oak faced plywood.

Land Rover logo

LR JEEP sign

The wooden Land Rover Logo was engraved and then cut from a sheet of 1/4" oak faced plywood. The same CorelDRAW file was used to etch the glasses.

Wooden Sign

LR JEEP sign

This wooden sign was cut and engraved from a sheet of 3/32" oak faced plywood. The sign measures 5 inches by 7 inches.

Home canning labels

canning labels

canning labels

These labels were cut and engraved from a sheet of 3/32" oak faced plywood.

Wooden Character Cutouts

Wooden Comic Strip Character

Wooden Comic Strip Character

These two character cut-out designs of characters from her web comic, "The Stick Figure Dragons", were created by the strip's artist in CorelDRAW 9 and LASER etched/cut from 1/8" birch faced plywood.

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