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Anodized Aluminum Business Card.

anodized business card

anodized business card

This was done as a demonstration piece. The card was laid out to exactly duplicate the standard Provincial Aerospace Ltd. business card.

Painted Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Corporate Branding.

PAL water bottle

12 of these water bottles, each individually personalized with the recipient's name, were produced as staff gifts for an operational section of Provincial Aerospace Ltd. in St John's, Newfoundland.

Painted Stainless Steel Water Bottle with AbbyShot logo.

abbyshot water bottle

This was done as a demonstration piece to show the company. The logo was completely recreated in CorelDRAW X4 using a company supplied JPEG image as a guide.

The text below the logo reads "Clothing that's cooler than life!".

Directly marked stainless steel hip-flask with AbbyShot logo.

Abbyshot hip flask

Normally marking of stainless with a CO2 LASER requires a "chemical marking compound" that heat fuses with the stainless steel. One of the selling points of the much more complicated and expensive Nd:YAG LASER (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet), is that it will directly mark stainless steel without the need for any extra marking agents.

Direct marking of stainless steel (and other metals) is possible with a CO2 LASER if you have enough power and go really really slow.

The flask was etched using the CorelDRAW logo file that was created for the above water bottle.

Painted Stainless Steel Water Bottle with TARDIS graphic.

TARDIS water bottle

This is a one off design done to amuse myself. Legal (licensing) considerations mean that I can't sell them.

The design work was done in CorelDRAW. Getting the proportions right means that this particular TARDIS has only 3 sides, but that was a compromise I had to make to get it work visually.

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