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Heart Bubbles Flutes

Heart Bubbles Flute

Heart Bubbles Flute

As featured on the We’ve Got A Lotta HEART on Canada’s East Coast! page on Sea and be

These 5½oz flutes are engraved with 6 heart shaped bubbles.

Price CAD$20 per pair.

If you'd like the glasses customised with names and a date added to the opposite side of the glasses,
this can be done for an aditional charge of CAD$20.


We charge for shipping and packing at cost, and until we get an online shipping quotation system working, we can can quote you the packing/shipping cost on an individual basis.

You'll find a "Can you give me a price" option in the drop down list on our contact page.

Just include details of what you'd like and your state/province/country and postal code in your message.

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