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Fractal Coffee is a small design and fabrication company located in south western Nova Scotia.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of one-off or short runs of LASER engraved, marked, and cut items, such as unique giftware or corporate promotional material.

We now have a secondary site, Cafe Newf, for our new line of pet themed products.

In late 2012, we shut down out operation in Newfoundland and relocated to Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, it took us longer than planned to create a suitable "clean room" working environment for the LASER engraver than we had initially hoped for, but we are now up and running again.

After 11 months of waiting, our high resolution Form 1 3D Printer was delivered on Friday, September 20. We will soon be offering custom 3D design and printing services.

Most of the desktop 3D printers that are on the market use plastic extrusion (FDM) technology and work by running plastic filaments through a heated deposition nozzle. The process is essentially identical to the method used in a hot melt glue gun. Our printer is a far higher resolution stereolithography (SL) machine which uses a scanning LASER to activate and set acrylate photopolymer resin. While this type of 3D printer (and its associated raw materials) is more expensive, the end result is worth the extra cost involved.

Here are a few examples of what we have done with our VersaLASER VLS4.60 LASER engraver from Universal LASER Systems.

Champagne glasses for a wedding in England

Wedding Glasses

Painted Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Corporate Branding

PAL Water Bottle

Fine detail wood cutting

Wooden Fish

Black Granite Liquor Label Reproduction (and other stuff)

Black Granite Liquor Label

Click on any of the above images, or the glass, metal, wood, or other menu options, to visit a gallery of similar items. For more information, visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

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